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Thank you for your interest in becoming Dean of Creative Industries at City of Glasgow College.

This is an exciting time to join a dynamic and visionary team at our award winning £228 million twin site Super College which is leading the way in tertiary education.

City of Glasgow College, like Scotland as a nation, is a real melting pot of diversity, equality and excellence. We continually trail blaze new approaches to teaching and learning to enable personalised learning.

As Scotland’s largest college we make a significant contribution to Scotland’s prosperity adding £47 million back into the nation’s economy as well as supporting the skilling and up skilling of Scotland’s future workforce.

Our focus is on vocational pathways to ensure our students graduate with industry relevant skills and a qualification with real currency. We also continue to expand our presence internationally with 109 overseas partners as we cement a global reputation for innovation and excellence.

We have worked incredibly hard to redefine and to shape a new era of college education and improve the life chances of our students. Our Super College is designed for 40,000, with 130 different nationalities currently studying here.

As well as outstanding strategic leadership qualities and communication skills, you will have a real desire to inspire excellence in this next generation college. You will be at the forefront of innovation, with outstanding drive and passion whilst delivering exceptional results under pressure.

City of Glasgow College has a focused action plan and clear strategic direction. If you think you can help lead a world-class learning and teaching environment, we would like to hear from you.

I do hope you will be part of this next generation college.

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