Director of Asset Management
Chief Executive

Welcome to the information microsite for the position of Director of Asset Management for Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association. I hope you find it of interest and that it provides you with an exciting opportunity, one that meets your career aspirations.

You’ll find plenty of information on this microsite and even more by exploring our main Hanover Scotland website. What I would like to do is give you a flavour of the culture and personality of our organisation.

You will probably already know that Hanover Scotland has been an independent Registered Social Landlord (RSL) for over 40 years. During this time we have developed housing across most of mainland Scotland. We now manage more than 5,000 homes; most are social rented with a focus on providing homes for older people. We also have some shared equity plus shared ownership developments and around 1,000 factored homes which we manage for owner occupiers, again mainly for older people. In addition, we provide a Telecare service to over 40,000 people - private and corporate clients. Our Telecare service manages more than a million calls a year.

Hanover Scotland has a good track record - and we can point to excellent Care Inspection reports, several Saltire design awards and numerous prizes and trophies. However, my pride in being Chief Executive of Hanover Scotland comes from our people: our residents and staff, especially in the strong identity and sense of belonging they generate. Our staff often go above and beyond in their daily work and they demonstrate quality and commitment in abundance. This in turn generates fantastic initiatives and developments that ensure that Hanover Scotland continues to be a leader in the field of housing for older people. Our ambition is to provide “homes for life” – where the provision of care and support for our residents is as important as the provision of secure, warm and modern homes.

For most of our history, our core product has been sheltered housing. However, over the last twenty years we have increasingly looked to innovate and design new models of housing with care, that can enable more people with higher care needs to optimise their independence and well-being in their own home. We were among the first to develop very sheltered housing, we provide domiciliary and day care services and we are, I believe, the only RSL in the UK to have a very sheltered development with NHS controlled flats providing augmented care.

It is essential that our new Director of Asset Management has the skills and leadership qualities to sustain and build on the strengths and formidable success that Hanover Scotland has achieved to date. These skills and leadership qualities must bring together and inspire Asset Management staff to give of their best and for our customers, these qualities must ensure the continual delivery of a comprehensive, best in class Asset Management programme that includes Repairs and Maintenance, Cyclical and Planned Major Works. You must also work with the Chief Officers and Board to offer new strategic opportunities in new build to ensure the provision of sustainable homes for life, through innovation and creativity in the design and delivery of affordable housing for older people.

The new Director of Asset Management must have a strategic perspective but also be a critical thinker, a strong communicator with the ability to work collaboratively with all parts of the Hanover business and the ability to see a project to completion timeously whilst including all key internal customers. It is critical that you embed trust and engage with both staff and customers for the Hanover business to succeed.

The skills required include ensuring performance of a multi-disciplinary team within Asset Management and the synchronisation of all functions to deliver for the internal and external customer, and provide a customer journey that leads to ever increasing customer satisfaction.

So, our new Director of Asset Management will be joining a creative, financially stable organisation with a strong ethos based on the delivery of high quality housing and services, whilst at the same time will have plenty of scope for innovation, influence and improvement. It will be a challenge - with the potential to be amazingly rewarding.

I hope you decide to follow up your initial interest with an application!

Helen Murdoch
Chief Executive of Hanover Scotland