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Hello, I’m Barry Philpott, Chairman at NCIMB.

Thank you for visiting the microsite and for your interest in our company.

We’re a specialist microbiology company offering services to academia, the pharmaceutical, food and oil industries, utilising expertise derived from creating and maintaining the largest environmental bacterial culture collection in the UK. NCIMB is recognised internationally as a reference culture collection and is an International Depository Authority for patent deposits.

We use our capabilities to provide our clients with the ability to identify and store isolates, to identify contaminants, to perform research into antibiotics and probiotics, and even to help facilitate the de-commissioning of oil rigs.

The molecular capabilities we had developed in microbial identification and next generation sequencing, allowed us, from the very beginning of the COVID pandemic, to put these capabilities to work to satisfy the need for ‘gold standard’ but fast turn-around PCR tests. This was initially for the offshore oil industry, to enable them to continue working safely and efficiently, throughout the pandemic. To date, we have now processed well over 100,000 tests.

Our goal is always to completely satisfy our clients with premium product and service, and we have established a reputation for fast, efficient and friendly service, with everyone on the team willing to go the extra mile. Our success here is reflected in a very high level of repeat business and indeed, a recent industry report, rated us in the top 10 percentile for most other KPIs.

We have achieved very rapid growth in the last 2 years – in fact doubling each year and have now started constructing custom-built labs, close to Aberdeen Airport and one of our strategic partners, to ideally accommodate our growing company. The move date for this exciting new phase of development, is targeted for early next year.

Now, due to retirement, we are looking for a new CEO, for someone, perhaps you, to take us forward, to continue with and to develop and implement new growth strategies for our base business and for the growth of the niche created in molecular diagnostics. The CEO will also be a candidate for a position on the Board, emphasising the importance of this leadership role, and the expectation of it being a key driver of our future success and direction.

Thank you again for your interest and be assured that you will have the opportunity to lead an excellent team of dedicated, expert, highly motivated people.

I look forward to meeting you.

Barry Philpott
Chairman at NCIMB