A message from the Chair of the Council

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in joining our Council.

As Chair of the Council, I am committed to ensuring that our Council reflects the diversity of the professions we regulate, and the public they serve and that we promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in all we do.

I also want to ensure that we have the right expertise and voices around the table to enable the Council to fulfil its role effectively. For that reason, we are particularly keen to hear from those who can bring midwifery expertise to the Council’s vital governance and oversight responsibilities.

As a professional on our register, this is your chance to play a role in setting the strategic direction and shaping the work of your regulator, for the benefit of all your co-professionals and everyone who uses health and social care services across the UK.

As a UK-wide regulator, we must be alert and responsive to the differing context, health and care policies and service delivery across all four countries and in this instance, the successful candidate must live or work in Scotland and be able to bring that perspective and insight to our work.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on how we all live and work. We are proud of the way all the professionals on our register have responded to this unprecedented challenge. We have played our part at the NMC to support the nursing and midwifery workforce by setting up a temporary register and flexing our education standards, as well as operating as a Council and an organisation virtually.

We have been guided throughout by the themes of our ambitious strategy for 2020–2025: Regulate, Support and Influence and by the values that underpin our work. As we now start to move towards a ‘new normal’, we look forward to implementing our vision and ambition for change.

As Council members we need to work together as a team to take the big decisions in the public interest, oversee and monitor implementation of our new strategy and provide support and constructive challenge to the Executive team.

If you have the qualities, commitment, and expertise we need and you live or work in Scotland, I hope you will want to join us.

Philip Graf