The Role

Council Member Scotland 2020

What does a Council member do?

As a Council member you must be committed to public protection and to our statutory purpose. You must have the courage to speak out and challenge, working collectively with fellow members and communicating confidently both within and outside the organisation. The role of Council members is to:

Provide strategic direction for the NMC:

  • Taking responsibility for corporate strategy, business plans and budgets and the development of the framework for reviewing policy and operational performance.
  • Overseeing the development of policy and taking major policy decisions.

Ensure and review the effectiveness of the NMC in fulfilling its statutory purpose:

  • Ensuring that the focus of the organisation is on the core purpose of public protection.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Council in fulfilling its statutory purpose.

Provide oversight of NMC operations, ensuring that they are aligned with strategic direction:

  • Holding the Executive to account for the management of day-to-day operations, ensuring that resources are used effectively and appropriately.
  • Holding the Executive to account for ensuring that NMC operations are organised in ways which facilitate the delivery of core functions to best effect, and that this is kept under review as circumstances change.

Monitor the external relationships of the NMC, to ensure that the confidence of the public and of stakeholders is maintained:

  • Ensuring that the NMC has measures in place to engage with stakeholders and with other relevant organisations and government agencies in the four countries of the UK.
  • When appropriate, act personally to support and promote the interests of the NMC externally.

Fulfil all responsibilities as charity trustees for the NMC:

  • Ensuring that the NMC acts at all times within the framework of charity law, and fulfils its charitable purposes.
  • Taking responsibility for all appropriate functions, including property management; the employment of staff; health and safety; and equality and diversity.

What are we looking for?

The Council is keen to ensure that we have the voices and perspectives we need to shape our discussions and inform our decisions. We are therefore particularly seeking professionals who can bring current or recent midwifery expertise for this role.

We want the Council to reflect the diversity of our communities and the expertise of the professions we regulate. We know that drawing on a broader range of knowledge, experience and insight will help us make better decisions. If you need any help or adjustments to carry out the role, we are happy to do that. We are keen to hear from people with the right expertise and skills whatever your background.

Set out in the Candidate Briefing Pack are the competencies we will use to assess applicants to help you decide if you have the right qualities to apply.

What being a Council member involves

The time commitment is approximately three days a month, including preparation for, and attendance at, meetings and other events. If you apply you will be expected to confirm that you are able and willing to meet this time commitment.

Most Council meetings and seminars are held in London, but meetings and events may also be held in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and other parts of England.


As a member of the Council you will receive an annual allowance of £14,724. The allowance is subject to applicable deductions for PAYE income tax and national insurance contributions.

You will also be reimbursed for reasonable travel and out-of-pocket expenses incurred on NMC business, in accordance with the Council's travel and expenses policy.

We are committed to ensuring we make any reasonable adjustments for travel and accommodation for Council members. This includes adjustments for Council members who are pregnant or who have either a temporary or permanent disability.

How long will I be appointed for?

As soon as the Privy Council has confirmed appointment, we would hope you would be willing to attend Council meetings and begin to contribute to our work from December 2020. During this period, you would receive a comprehensive induction (see below) and an allowance commensurate with that on appointment.

Your appointment would begin formally on 1 May 2021. Terms of office are determined by the Privy Council but are normally for an initial term of three or four years.

You may be eligible for reappointment for a further term, subject to satisfactory performance and a review of the Council’s ongoing skill requirements. The Chair and Council members’ performance is appraised each year.

Induction and development

All new appointees receive a comprehensive introduction to the work of the Council and the NMC, as well as ongoing opportunities for development both on an individual and collective basis.