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Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in joining our senior management team.

The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission was set up by the Scottish Parliament as an independent and impartial public body, serving as the single gateway for all legal complaints in Scotland. We help thousands of individuals across the country every year, and by offering effective redress, which increases consumer confidence and spending, we assist the economic sustainability of a vital economic sector. As part of the overall justice system, our work plays an important role in a fair and just Scotland

We are looking for a new member of our small senior management team.  You will work with committed and motivated colleagues across our organisation, and the stakeholders we work with, and have the opportunity to make a real impact.  This role arises after a restructure last year, with the post originally being filled by Dr Sophie Flemig.  Sophie is leaving the organisation following her appointment as Chief Executive of the Cattanach Trust – something we are delighted to congratulate her on, but which leaves a key post to be filled.

The role will be exciting and challenging.  We are a small organisation, and you will bring strategic leadership to issues of national importance, but will also work closely with your team and be a key part of ensuring high operational performance. We don’t have set views on your career stage and path to date, but are looking for an enthusiastic person who is confident and assertive in managing change, innovation and risk, and about bringing colleagues along with them in a motivational and inclusive way. You will have an adaptable ‘tool box’ of management skills helping you to flex approaches and solutions to very different types of challenge that occur for us both internally and externally.

Throughout the recruitment information we give you more details on the organisation, the role, and what we can offer you. My final encouragement to you to apply is, therefore, very personal. I believe you would join a team of fantastic people – I enjoy working with my colleagues every day, and some of our proudest achievements are around our culture:

Our ambitions and focus around operational delivery, business transformation, and the improvement of legal regulation through statutory change make these fast paced and demanding roles, but we hope that is a challenge you will thrive on as part of a supportive and progressive team.

Whatever your career, background, and sectors of work to date – please read more, and consider applying.

Kind regards,

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SLCC: @SLCCcomplaints  and  www.scottishlegalcomplaints.org.uk