Executive Director of Marketing, Communications & Student Recruitment


Dear Applicant

I’m delighted that you are interested in working with us, and I’d like to tell you more about the University and this role.

If you’re the person we’re looking for, you’ll be joining us at a tremendously exciting time. We’re proud of 160 years of heritage, but we’re a young University. We’re confident that our best days are yet to come. We’ve taken major strategic decisions about the courses we offer to students on our distinctive campuses, and now that we’re embedding these changes from our portfolio review they’re already starting to bring results. Over the past three years we’ve come a long way in establishing our brand, and now it’s time to take it to a new level.

You’ll bring insight and creativity in the latest digital developments, above all constantly innovating to find new ways of having the right conversation with prospective students at the right time through the right channel. You’ll be used to testing success in marketing strategically to meet vital goals and targets, in our case student recruitment.

You’ll be providing the lead to a strong team, enabling really good people to perform well and push their own limits. Our award-winning marketing setup has a great track record in embracing new ways of engaging conversations with prospective students, whether that’s through traditional marketing, social media, or CRM. Our enquiries and admission operation has been key in holding our own, recruiting students successfully against the trend in a really challenging market that will only get tougher. Leaders in our sector and beyond recognise our public affairs approach as an example to follow, integrating all of our communications and events to enable the University’s senior leadership to influence stakeholders on vital decisions that affect our future.

As a leader at our top table, you’ll need to be credible. We’re not an old-fashioned university: we may not be a company with shareholders, but we work hard in a businesslike, flexible way. You’ll need to be able to assimilate the core business of the University rapidly, understanding what we do and providing a valued voice within the senior leadership team by contributing insight and commanding the respect of senior academics and professional directors.

Fundamentally, what we do is about students. If you’re the right person for this role, you’ll ultimately be judged on your contribution to getting them to know about us, to understand us, and to choose us.

We look forward to meeting you.

Professor Helen Langton
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)