Chair of the Board of Trustees

About Aberlour Child Care Trust

Aberlour is the largest children’s charity working solely in Scotland and provides help to thousands of Scotland's most vulnerable children, young people and their families each year. Aberlour helps children and young people who need additional care and support to achieve their potential and to live safe, fulfilling lives.

Aberlour continually adapts to meet the needs of those children facing the most overwhelming of obstacles. Giving children the best possible start in life is at the heart of everything we do.

We are a campaigning organisation who draw attention to the deprivation in Scottish societies that limit the life chances of young people growing up in those communities. We have invested in research that demonstrates that young people are 3 times more likely to die before their 25th Birthday if they are brought up in deprived communities. 

Aberlour is determined to highlight the impact of deprivation and be a voice for the vulnerable children and families that we support.

Aberlour's services include:

  • Our Early Intervention services aim to offer children and families help before difficulties become too large.

We provide support that can stop children being taken out of their parent’s care.

We engage with and support young people who live in areas with high levels of social deprivation, crime, drug/alcohol dependency and recognised violent gang culture.

We provide perinatal befriending support for mums struggling with anxiety and depression during after pregnancy.

We help refugee children and young people and victims of trafficking who arrive in Scotland alone.

  • Residential and Fostering services for young people of all ages. We believe that providing positive and nurturing homes with therapeutic care for young people that have suffered traumatic experiences at a young age can help them develop positively and flourish.
  • Respite residential care services for children with the most complex needs and severe disabilities. We work hard to understand eh needs of young people and families so that we can give them the best and most personalised care.
  • Our Early Years centres to promote positive parenting, learning and social skills within vulnerable and disadvantaged families. Training and education for childcare professionals to build a competent and confident workforce for today, and the future.
  • School attainment services help children fulfil their potential in schools.
  • Our Urgent Assistance Fund provides cash grants to assist children and young people who are suffering extreme hardship.
  • Our recovery services support all members of the family who may be affected by substance misuse.

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