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Hello and thank you for your interest in our Chief Executive and Senior Manager posts.

The last few months have been an exciting and busy time for Cadder Housing Association as not only have we been adapting and evolving, like everyone else, to continue to provide services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have also been going through a period of significant and positive change.

Our new Business Plan sets out our refreshed vision and aims, and we have redesigned our organisational structure to ensure that we have the right skills in place to deliver on our strategic objectives and to ensure that CHA is a major force in supporting our local community.

Integral to this is our firm belief that the customer is central to everything that we do. The refresh of our Business Plan allows us to refocus our services to ensure we provide strong and high quality core services to our customers and to deliver customer service excellence. We play an important part in the local community and deliver a range of wider action services which we are planning to develop further through our Community Centre which CHA owns and runs. We have recently completed a new build development and are looking to develop plans for further neighbourhood change.

We are seeking positive, experienced leaders to drive forward change and to build a strong team and culture within the organisation. If you would like to be part of this team you should be a dynamic individual with the ability to think and act strategically no matter whether you are one of the Senior Managers or the Chief Executive. You should be creative and solution focussed, with a proven track record in building relationships, empowering and motivating teams to always get the very best from people.

If you believe that you fit this profile and would like to be part of building the future for Cadder Housing Association and our customers, we welcome your application.

Linda Brown, Chairperson of Cadder Housing Association

About Cadder Housing Association

Cadder Housing Association is a registered social landlord based in Glasgow which owns and maintains 694 homes for affordable rent and provides factoring services to 408 private homeowners. Established in 1993 the organisation is a community anchor for the people of Cadder within Glasgow.

The Association is on a journey of significant change and has recently undertaken a substantial restructure and full organisational review to ensure it is fit for purpose. The staff team and board have invested their time and efforts into strengthening and improving services and internal operations to ensure Cadder retains its independence and its position as a key pillar of the local community.

Further information can be found in the following documents: