Principal of Dundee and Angus College

About Dundee

Dundee is Scotland’s fourth largest city and has transformed itself in recent years into a lively cosmopolitan centre. Previously heavily industrialised, Dundee has now developed exciting commercial, cultural, and scientific dimensions which truly allow it to live up to its ‘one city, many discoveries’ label. The City now supports new and growing industries such as life sciences, digital media and arts. Additionally, the geographical area of Dundee and Angus offers the perfect combination of both city and country life.

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About Dundee and Angus College

The new College has been brought about through the merger of Angus College and Dundee College, creating a larger institution serving both the city of Dundee and the rural Angus communities. Our aim is to build on our strengths and deliver enhanced and extended opportunities for all, ensuring that students have a wide range of choices and that employer and industry needs are well served. Students are Scotland’s future assets and we want to provide all of our learners with the very best learning experience.

Our Mission

"To generate regional economic growth and social well-being through the provision of skills and education for individuals, employers and the wider community”.

Our Vision

"Leading Learning, Inspiring Success"

Our Values

  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Success

Our Ambitions

By 2020 we want to be seen as a vibrant, dynamic and confident college that inspires success in its students and staff, delivers outstanding performance, and is highly regarded and sought after by partners, employers and the wider community.

In order to achieve this vision we aim:

  • To develop confident, successful learners who are inspired by their learning experience, achieve their full potential and are actively sought by employers
  • To have a major impact on regional and national economic success
  • To be highly valued and trusted by all who work with us
  • To have staff who are excellent at what they do and are proud and happy to work here
  • To create learning spaces and facilities that are dynamic, inviting and inspire success
  • To deliver innovative and exciting technology solutions that widen access, transform learning and enhance work
  • To ensure financial sustainability and generate significant funds for future investment

Additional information:

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