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Welcome to Ferguslie Park.

Shona McIntyre

Shona McIntyre - Chair Ferguslie Park Housing Association

If you care about good housing, social justice and strong communities, you've found the right place. 

We're on a constant journey towards great homes and realising the full potential of Ferguslie Park.  Today's volunteers on the boards in the Ferguslie Group are the inheritors and custodians of an organisation started by local activists exactly 30 years ago.  Ferguslie people have always taken on the issues in their own community – there's a history of numerous community groups, campaigns and partnerships.  Now, these are focused in the Tannahill Centre and the surrounding buildings on our campus.

Former residents of Ferguslie Park include Gerry Rafferty and John Byrne.  (We don't mention Fred Goodwin of RBS so much these days).  Current residents include Premier League Football Club St Mirren; and the writers of SWIFT who are preparing a play on what it is to be a strong woman in Ferguslie.  The SWIFT women, with the Feegie Needlers sewing group, have been invited to make a banner to lead a procession at the 100th celebration of women's suffrage in Edinburgh this summer.  

Whatever comes next for Ferguslie Park, we will play an important part in creating the homes and community support that help people become all they can be.  We're part of Paisley, the biggest town in Scotland, we sit right beside Glasgow airport and the M8 motorway, yet too many of our residents are disconnected from the employment, health, education and income that bring opportunity to other Scots.  If you care about building lives as well as building homes and services, we'd like you to work with us.

Shona McIntyre,
Chair Ferguslie Park Housing Association