Director of Programme Management Office


The Glasgow City Region City Deal, the second largest in the UK, represents the biggest ever investment for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.

Our City Deal will be transformational, changing not only the physical and social landscape but also how public, private and third sector partners work together across the region. The benefit this funding will bring to our infrastructure, economy and labour market will be felt for decades through tens of thousands of new jobs and increased competitiveness.

The City Deal Programme is underpinned by a robust governance process and arrangements designed to ensure that public money delivers agreed outcomes. To support this, a Project Management Office administers and manages the Programme, liaises with the UK and Scottish Governments and other stakeholders, and analyses / reports on the impact and delivery of projects and overall Programme.

The Glasgow City Region is seeking to recruit the post of Director of Programme Management Office. Based within Glasgow City Council, the lead authority, the role will be funded by and report into to the eight City Region member authorities, through the Chief Executives’ Group and the Glasgow City Region Cabinet.

With solid foundation now in place for Programme governance and reporting, this new role will be instrumental in driving forward the next phase which will involve:

The Glasgow City Region City Deal

Eight neighbouring local authorities form the Glasgow City Region. The Glasgow City Region City Deal will fund major infrastructure projects; create thousands of new jobs and assist thousands of unemployed people back to work; improve public transport and connectivity; drive business innovation and growth and generate billions of pounds of private sector investment.

The City Deal will support the local area to achieve its shared long-term vision for the local economy through:

The Glasgow City Region

The Glasgow City Region is one of the largest city regions in the UK. Well-connected globally, with access to two international airports and nationally to extensive rail and road infrastructure, it provides 33% of the nation's jobs and is home to over 29% of Scottish businesses.

The region benefits from numerous assets:

At the region's heart is Glasgow, Scotland's city of style, where you can find world-class attractions, stunning architecture and one of the best city centre shopping experiences in the UK. Beyond the city, you'll find a complimentary experience of industry, good transport connections, housing, lush countryside, great family days out and a wealth of fascinating history as you follow the path of the River Clyde.

A key aim is for the City Region to be seen as one of Europe's leading destinations of choice for residents, businesses, visitors and investors. The characteristics of the City Region include a strong growing core in Glasgow, but able to exploit growth opportunities across the region, reducing economic inequality, and a highly skilled and entrepreneurial workforce able to engage fully with the labour market.

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