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Dear Candidate,

Thank you for declaring an interest in our vacancy. This is a great opportunity to play a key role in a very dynamic and progressive charity that is certainly on the up.

Who we are

Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) has been around in one form or another for 55 years and in that period has become the established authority on environmental quality issues in Scotland. However, over the last 10 – 15 years we have broadened our portfolio to cover the whole spectrum of environmental issues to include, climate change, sustainable development and environmental education which gives us a truly unique position within the Scottish charity sector. Our incredible reach and influence is estimated to reach at least 1 in 5 of the population.

As Scotland’s, and indeed the rest of the world’s environmental challenges become ever more stark, there has never been a more important time for KSB and its broad range of services, programmes, activities and initiatives to be maximised for the benefit of our country.

To ensure we were fit for purpose and ready to play our part, we invested in necessary organisational change and we have emerged from that process as an organisation that is better placed to make a telling contribution for Scotland. We have a refreshed mission and vision for the future; an excellent staff team; terrific resources and a working environment that is the envy of many. We are absolutely primed for the next phase of our planned growth and development.

Our starting point is a good one. We are active in every city, town and village of Scotland. We engage with all our country’s schools and interact with more than 1,000 community groups and organisations that affiliate to one or more of our environmental programmes. We have well established relationships with some of the UK’s largest corporate businesses including: McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Wrigley’s (Mars Corporation), A.G. Barr, Greggs, Network Rail, Tesco, Amey, Costa and many more. And we are also contractually engaged with all of Scotland’s local authorities and work extensively with the Scottish Government. We believe this is a great foundation to build on.

What we do

We are the leading provider of environmental services, campaigns and practical initiatives that helps Scotland with its environmental ambitions and problems.

Across the spectrum of environmental issues, and in partnership, we:-

  • develop and provide environmental services to the Scottish Government, local authorities and public bodies
  • develop and provide policy analysis, research and guidance on environmental issues
  • develop and provide bespoke, environmental services to the private sector, NGOs and social enterprises
  • develop, manage and promote large scale, environmental volunteering initiatives and programmes
  • develop and manage national, environmental programmes, projects and campaigns
  • provide grant administration, programme and project management services
  • manage nationally and internationally recognised accreditation and award programmes

The candidate

As our new Operations Director, you will be given the necessary support and freedom one requires to assist the Executive Team drive the organisation on successfully to reach its full potential. This is a role that will require your energy, enthusiasm and unstinting commitment; to that extent, the opportunities for success are significant. It will be your demonstrable talent for enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurial flair that will set you apart. And to help you are the best bunch of colleagues you could wish for, because we all want you to be successful! KSB is on the threshold; your contribution could help us become a national treasure.

Kind Regards,

Derek A. Robertson ChMgr, FCMI, FRSA, DipEd,
Chief Executive