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Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in joining the Board of Directors with The Mungo Foundation. I hope that you will find this microsite informative and useful in supporting your decision to apply.

The Mungo Foundation is one of the most diverse providers of social care and support for vulnerable people in West and Central Scotland. We are one of the largest employers in Glasgow with an annual turnover of £16.5 million. At any one time we will typically run 40 different types of projects, delivering support to over 1,500 individuals, their families and communities.

The organisation are making a move away from the Archdiocese of Glasgow to become an independent organisation, and as such the current Board will be dissolved. This allows us to bring a whole new Board, including a new Chair, to The Mungo Foundation and this marks a whole new chapter in their history. We want to build on the legacy of social justice that has been a fundamental element of our board governance, and the next board will have an exciting opportunity to govern and lead the organisation on its next chapter.

The Board are responsible for the overall governance and wellbeing of the organisation and we are looking for exceptional individuals who share our values and our commitment to quality and excellence as well as our passion to improve and enrich the lives of the vulnerable people we support. As such, we are looking to speak to a wide range of potential candidates from a variety of backgrounds who can bring innovation, drive and a modern strategic approach to the Board. We will be paying particular attention to equality and diversity through the recruitment process and welcome applications from across all sectors and sections of society.

We are at a very exciting stage in our journey as we prepare to embark on our 2020- 2025 Strategic Plan, with a focus very much on the continued personalisation of service, fair work and employee collaboration and sustainability through the development and refinement of contemporary and evolving models of support.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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