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POSTED Monday 02-10-23

Aspen Interim – Meet Nicole Hughes


Before joining Aspen People in June 2023, I had a diverse background within the recruitment industry. My career journey has a consistent pattern of progression within roles and responsibilities, showcasing my adaptability in a variety of areas.

My career commenced as a Temporary Consultant within a Global Staffing Provider. In this role, I was responsible for the entire recruitment process, from identifying and sourcing candidates to placing them in temporary positions. The fast-paced and dynamic nature of temporary staffing resonated with me, and I relished the quick turnaround and the challenge of swiftly meeting client needs.

My career took an exciting turn as I progressed into the role of Business Manager at a local branch. Here, I had the privilege of leading a talented team. Together, we forged strong relationships while providing innovative staffing solutions, resulting in numerous successful collaborations within our local network.

In the post-pandemic period, I assumed multiple roles within the Global Staffing Provider. This diverse portfolio ranged from internal recruiting responsibilities as well as participation in the ONS Census project, where my recruitment expertise expanded significantly as I undertook assignments across the entirety of the United Kingdom. Additionally, I undertook international recruitment endeavours, collaborating with an Aerospace client headquartered in the Netherlands.

An aspect of my role involved conducting extensive searches and talent mapping exercises across Europe. This initiative was instrumental in identifying and engaging applicants who might not have traditionally surfaced through conventional recruitment sourcing methods.

Engaging in extensive searches and talent mapping throughout Europe represented a pivotal part of my role. This experience was new to me and heightened my interest in pursuing a role within an executive search organisation, igniting a passion for the specialised field of talent acquisition at the highest levels of leadership.

When the opportunity to join Aspen People as their Senior Consultant leading their Interim practice presented itself, I was thrilled to accept this position, recognising it as a significant milestone in my career journey. Throughout my last 7 years within this sector this was a significant step up in my career moving from a Global Staffing Provider whom provide General staffing to a boutique Executive Search firm like Aspen People providing Interim Leadership appointments. This move has brought forth various distinctions and considerations for me.

Below are some key reflections on my transition:

  • Personal Connections: The close-knit nature of Aspen, leads to stronger personal connections among candidates, clients, colleagues and leaders. This has created a more collaborative and supportive work atmosphere, where I am able to interact closely with various team members, including Directors.
  • Agility: Aspen is more agile in their decision-making and operations. This flexibility enables us to have quicker responses to changing market conditions, client needs, and candidate requirements. This agility can enhance our ability to adapt and innovate.
  • Visibility and Impact: Working for a smaller firm can often mean that your contributions are more visible and impactful. Your efforts are more directly connected to the overall success of the firm, and your insights and suggestions might be more readily taken into consideration.
  • Dynamic Work: Smaller firms can offer a dynamic work environment where you may have the opportunity to wear multiple hats and engage in a broader range of tasks. This can lead to skill diversification and a richer skill set.
  • Company Culture: Aspen have a distinct company culture that’s built around collaboration, innovation, and camaraderie. Being a part of shaping and upholding this culture if fulfilling.

This new role within Aspen People is my chance to leverage my previous experience and also embrace the unique aspects of Aspen. I am looking forward to embracing the challenges and Opportunities within the role.