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Dear Applicant

Appointment of Chief Executive

I am delighted that you are interested in applying for this top leadership role with us.

Osprey Housing is a great place to be, we have an excellent team delivering increasingly strong services to our tenants. We are ambitious for the future and are investing heavily in new affordable homes throughout the north east and have a fully funded plan to maintain our homes to the level we and our tenants expect.

We have travelled a long way since our establishment 1999 and now the Group, comprising Osprey Housing, Osprey Housing Moray and Osprey Initiatives Ltd, has around 1500 homes in ownership.

Our focus on service delivery is making real progress as after much hard work and through the effective involvement of our Tenants Scrutiny Panel we are seeing great results across the board – particularly with tenant satisfaction levels.

We recognise that affordability is key for our tenants and have, over recent years, worked hard at reducing our costs (the bringing together of Osprey Housing & Osprey Housing Moray having a major positive impact here) and had some success in limiting rent and service charge increases. We have invested heavily in increasing the fuel efficiency of our older properties and have established an Affordable Warmth Group, with tenants, charged with leading this area of our activity. In addition, we have responded effectively to the Welfare reforms – and our mitigation strategy has been successful – so far!

Our development programme is strong, with currently nine projects on site. The programme reflects the excellent relationships we have with local authorities, the Scottish Government and local and national developers. Housing demand continues to be a critical factor and Osprey is determined to play its part in providing new homes.

We also pride ourselves as providing high quality and well regarded services to local, national and UK based organisations through our subsidiary Osprey Initiatives Ltd.

We have recently refreshed our Vision, Mission, Ambitions and Core Values, these are set out in our new Corporate Plan a copy of which is available on the microsite. The Plan, which was developed with full engagement of our team including Governing Bodies, staff and OTRA (Osprey Tenants & Residents Association), is very ambitious and the successful applicant will play the critical and pivotal role in its delivery.

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