Aberdeen City Council

Bernadette Oxley,
Head of Children’s Social Work


Aberdeen is an exciting place to live, work and visit and it’s a very exciting time to join Aberdeen City Council – Together we are changing Children’s Social Work in Aberdeen: the way we work with each other, our partners and most importantly our families in need. We are cutting bureaucracy and redesigning our services to enable staff to work systemically and collaboratively in small Social Work Units.

The Reclaiming Social Work model is a whole system redesign of social work services for families in need in Aberdeen City.

Social work employees play a really important part in helping and supporting families in need and we want to make sure that they are free to focus on this work. This is why we have made a number of changes to enable social workers to work more collaboratively and concentrate on social work, not unnecessary bureaucracy.

We are currently implementing our change process, our first Units started in February 2016. We are seeking a number of Consultant Social Workers to lead each of the Social Work Units which will go ‘live’ in the next phase of our programme.

The Consultant Social Worker is an exciting role, leading and managing staff within the Unit whilst still being involved and participating in work with families.

If this sounds like the sort of challenge you’re looking for, please read on; we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Bernadette Oxley
Head of Children’s Social Work