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Personal Message from the Chair

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Thank you for your interest in this position. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you my own view of what might lie ahead for the Trust and where the challenges and opportunities lie. We currently have a Board of 11 Trustees from a wide range of backgrounds including architecture, property management, finance, education, heritage, social enterprise and the legal profession. I joined the Board of Trustees in September 2016, so I am a relative newcomer.

In that time, I have been hugely impressed with the programmes that the Trust runs, and it has been a real pleasure to have had some involvement - though it is the staff who deserve the real credit - in judging the My Place Awards, the My Place Photography Awards and the Heritage Angels Awards, and in visiting new buildings through Doors Open Day. It has been a privilege to visit the nominated projects and places, and to meet the very many groups of people who devote their time and energy in doing things to make their cities, towns and villages better places. That the funders of these programmes continue to support them is testimony to their success.

The Trust has also made its voice heard where it counts, by commenting on planning and listed building applications that raise real national issues.

Life today is about partnership working and we want to develop and strengthen Scotland’s network of local amenity and civic societies, for they are our real partners. We want to strengthen their capacities to deal with local issues and initiatives and through them to build a constituency of support for our civic pride, at a national and local level. Scotland has much to be proud of, and I am confident that the Trust will continue to play a role as an advocate for what is good, and a robust voice on what could be better! If you would like to play a significant role in leading this organisation, do go ahead and apply. We would love to hear from you.

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