Stephen McMenamin / Researcher / Bid Manager

Stephen McMenamin
Stephen McMenamin
0131 297 6981
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Stephen McMenamin is an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist and Researcher with over ten years’ experience in recruitment, covering agency, in-house and RPO.  He is a Masters graduate with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Politics and spent one year in the United States on a postgraduate internship.

By virtue of his exposure to recruitment, Stephen brings to the business a wealth of experience in research, specifically in terms of talent pipelining, company mapping and market mapping. Along with talent pooling and market research, Stephen also supports Aspen’s tendering process, demonstrating the business’ capabilities and market reach in retaining new business. 

“My perfect day would be winter walking in the Cairngorms with family and/or friends, with the snow hard and crisp, and the sky bright and clear.  After a fantastic walk, the day would have to end in a nice warm pub with good beer and a roaring fire.  Without a beer in a pub, the day would be ruined, regardless of how nice the weather was!”