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CMAL - Procurement Manager


Thank you for your interest in the position of Procurement Manager  at Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL).

The information in this microsite will, I hope, answer many of the questions you may have about the work of CMAL and the position of Procurement Manager. However, if you have any unanswered questions or you would like to find out more about what is involved, please to contact Steven Murray or Emma McEneaney at Aspen People on 0141 212 7555.

CMAL owns the ferries, ports and harbours, and infrastructure necessary for the vital ferry services serving the West coast of Scotland and the Clyde Estuary.  We also own and lease vessels which operate on the Northern Isles Ferry Service from mainland Scotland to Shetland and Orkney.

We aim to provide efficient, cost effective and safe ferries, harbours and port infrastructure for operators, communities and users in and around Scotland.

We are wholly owned by the Scottish Government, with Scottish Ministers being the sole shareholders. The CMAL Board has an executive management team and supporting staff at headquarters in Port Glasgow.

The Board meets regularly with officials of Transport Scotland, which is an agency of the Scottish Government, and the Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands. Regular meetings also take place with operator, Calmac Ferries Limited, and many local groups, providing useful forums to assist us in our principal activity of providing, safeguarding and developing ferries and harbours.

With an ageing fleet of vessels and harbours constantly requiring repairs the new Procurement Manager needs to be able to ensure that all purchases are procured within the Scottish Government and European Guidelines and that value for money and quality is achieved at all times. The next few years will require considerable work in building new vessels, maintaining the existing fleet of vessels and repairing and rebuilding harbours. Working to procure the necessary goods and services to support the CMAL team in delivering the projects and utilising the funding received will be a vital activity for the company. Supplying the CMAL team with high quality procurement and supplier information without delay, ensuring the company complies with procurement guidelines and managing the Procurement Capability Test are some key tasks of the role.

The Procurement Manager will report to the Finance Director. You will be working as part of a small team where you can call on expert advice to help make decisions on complex issues. The key skills required are:  innovation, flexibility and drive to run an efficient and effective procurement function; ability to work with a group of highly skilled professionals to ensure that all day to day activities and projects are delivered successfully; and meeting deadlines, with the required quality and within budget, thereby ensuring our success in serving the needs of the communities where we operate.

Yours Sincerely 

Gillian Bruton 
Finance Director