Chief Digital Officer


Lorraine McMillan, CEO East Renfrewshire Council

Lorraine McMillan,
CEO East Renfrewshire Council

Over the last five years, Scottish local government has maintained services through a period of significant financial pressure. The challenges are increasing and the financial and demand pressures we face in the next five years are unprecedented.

We believe that digital technology will define and redefine our business and help us to meet these challenges and achieve better outcomes for citizens and communities. Resources are constrained so we cannot afford to do this as individual councils and over the last six months we have worked together to build our vision and strategy to fully exploit digital. Twenty-five councils have agreed to fund a digital team over the next three years - a shared capacity for supporting councils in realising our shared vision. The starting point is you.

We are looking for a credible Chief Digital Officer who can start building this team and can support us in shaping and leading a programme of change that will radically improve how local services work and how we serve our citizens. The right individual should be able to clearly communicate the vision of digital transformation and support councils in converting strategy into business cases and implementation plans.

You will be able to engage with executive and political leaders and quickly establish and build trust as you will have to act as a "broker" across councils and partners - we want this new service to help us make best use of all our resources and investments at a time of major constraint.

A leadership job like this does not come along very often. If you want to make a lasting impact, this is your opportunity to be at the heart of influencing and shaping sustainable local services for a better Scotland.

Scotland is uniquely placed to be leading the way and if you believe you can help us we would be delighted to hear from you.

Lorraine McMillan
Chair, Local Government Digital Transformation Board
CEO East Renfrewshire Council