College Development Network (CDN)


College Development Network (CDN) is the sector development and innovation agency for colleges and the technical skills system in Scotland. Our vision is that Scotland’s colleges will enhance student success, support a prosperous economy, and help all our communities to thrive. Our mission is to support colleges by developing their people, leading systems change, promoting college impact, and collaborating with partners to drive student success.

We have five outcomes, through which we will deliver our mission:

We will enable the development of a highly skilled and adaptable college workforce through targeted staff learning and development.

Through promoting programmes of collaborative research and enquiry we will facilitate the enhancement of college performance and student success.

We will work with colleges to heighten their national and international impact through the promotion of success and innovation.

We will work with our partners to enable colleges to become leaders in tackling the climate emergency and promoting inclusive colleges with student and staff wellbeing at the centre.

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