Dear Applicant

Thank you for considering applying to be a Gannochy Trustee.

Being a Trustee of the Gannochy Trust has been one of the most satisfying things that I have done in my career. It is always a privilege to try and increase the quality of life of your fellow citizens especially those less privileged than yourself.

As a Board we have enjoyed the close camaraderie of working together while at the same time having the confidence to constructively challenge each other’s views before reaching a decision.

The Trust examines issues rigorously and without favour and has the benefit of independence from external control excepting our responsibility under charity law and other regulatory frameworks. This means that we can cut to the heart of issues and offer practical solutions to the challenges presented to us.

The Trust’s agenda is driven by our Founder’s ambitions expressed in the Trust Deed which we have the responsibility of putting into a modern day context.

Because of the Trust’s wide remit it has been a very interesting and rewarding experience being a trustee with a lot of knowledge gained from fellow Trustees, our Chief Executive and her team, and our external advisers.

We have a very effective, efficient, supportive and friendly staff team with whom we work closely. I always enjoy going to the Trust office and for me as a volunteer that is an important aspect of this role.

After careful consideration of Trustee succession, we are looking for three Trustees who will bring to us some of the skills and knowledge laid out in the attached person specification. Discussion will take place with each successful candidate regarding the date at which their trusteeship will commence during 2016. If this is to be later in the year then we will ensure that appointees receive invitations to all key events and meetings ahead of their formal appointment as Trustees. This will form part of a formal induction programme.

Finally, candidates should note that, in the medium term, the Trustees will be required to appoint from their number a new chair and if they so decide, vice chair of the Trust.

We would like to thank you again for taking the time to consider applying.

Yours sincerely

Dr James Kynaston FRCGP, DL