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NHS Education for Scotland – The Organisation
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NHS Education for Scotland (NES) provides education, training, workforce development, data and technology for health and social care in Scotland. Our goal is to create a workforce that meets people’s needs, as well as the needs of staff, carers, and the people of Scotland by working in partnership with our staff, learners and stakeholders.

NES helps people who work in health and social care to get the education and skills they need to provide good quality care for people in Scotland.

The overall purpose of NES is to be a collaborative, innovative and inclusive learning organisation providing high quality education, training, workforce development, workforce data and technology for Scotland’s health and social care workforce.  This is intended to deliver the organisation’s strategic vision which is to support better rights-based quality care and outcomes for every person in Scotland through a skilled, capable and resilient health and social care workforce.

The work NES does affects everyone who works in and with health and social care services, as well as every person in every community in Scotland.  We design and deliver education, ensure quality and standards, and use technology to enable staff to be skilled, confident, and motivated to provide better outcomes.  We are focused on preparing and shaping the workforce for the future and the changes in health and social care necessary to improve outcomes.

NES is adaptable, creative and responsive to the needs of the workforce and the communities they serve.  We are firmly committed to improving population health, reducing health inequalities and working nationally and locally with partners to make a positive and lasting impact to improving the wellbeing of the people of Scotland.  By attracting people to careers in health and social care, we can create jobs and boost the economy.

NES works with the Scottish Government, local government, NHS, Health and Social Care Partnerships, social care providers, academia, regulators, and other strategic partners to create new roles and services and develop new and exciting career pathways for future generations.

Our work programmes ensure that those who work in health, social care and social work are skilled, confident, and motivated to continually improve outcomes for people. We promote and uphold human rights through our education and training and provide challenge where these are not being upheld.

NES works closely with the Scottish Government to help shape health and social care policies.  We use our expertise to help improve care and reduce inequalities through supporting health and social care reform programmes, such as the Scottish Government’s Care and Wellbeing Portfolio, and the Scottish Government’s commitment to Human Rights and the delivery of a National Care Service.

Over the next three years we will work with our learners, educators, partners and stakeholders to improve education and learning, using technology and innovation to create a better future for health and social care.  Our focus is, and will remain, improving people’s health and care outcomes through a competent, confident and skilled workforce while supporting Scottish Government’s policies across the following areas.

Our Strategic Plan and key corporate documents are available from: https://www.nes.scot.nhs.uk/about-us/corporate-publications/



As a national Board, we have a significant presence across the country. Learning and training oversight, and services across Scotland, are provided virtually or through our offices in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. We also support two specialist clinical skills centres and a Mobile Skills Unit, which enables training in remote and rural locations.