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Enabling people to access and engage with theatre is our fundamental mission, and we want our work to represent, speak to and be seen by the broadest cross section of society.

We are specialists in revealing untold perspectives in innovative ways. This is our role as Scotland’s new writing theatre and a commitment that drives each strand of our work. Our year round programme bursts with new stories, live and digital performances that challenge, inform and entertain our audiences. We empower artists and audiences to make sense of the world today, providing a safe space to question, learn, empathise and – crucially – encounter different people and experiences. Conversation and the coming together of groups are central to a democratic society, and we champion equal expression and understanding for the future of a healthy national and international community.

We empower artists and audiences to make sense of the world today. We commission, produce and programme for existing and future audiences to offer new and exciting experiences for everyone, and our partnerships with fellow theatre companies and festivals enable us to present a wide range of innovative performances. The Traverse would not exist without our over-arching passion for developing new stories and embracing the unexplored. We work with bold voices and raw talent – with an emphasis on the Scottish based – to create the art, artists, and performances that can be seen on our platforms year round.

We invest in ideas and support individuals to push boundaries by placing them at the centre of their own practice, and through projects like Class Act, Traverse Young Writers, and First Stages the continual relationship between artist development and performance can be seen in powerful action. We aim for the timely stories and creative programmes that start life on our stages to have a global impact, through tours, co-productions, digital life, and translations. We are critically acclaimed and recognised the world over for our originality and artistic risk, which we hope will create some of the most talked-about plays, productions, directors, writers and
actors for years to come.

The Traverse’s commitment to bringing new and bold storytelling to global audiences is amplified in Edinburgh each August, when international audiences make the Traverse programme – often referred to as the ‘beating heart of the Fringe’ – their first port of call in a city overflowing with entertainment offerings. We are critically acclaimed and recognised the world over for our originality and artistic risk. Our past successes drive our present and future direction, in the knowledge that our unique ability to nurture new talent and engage audiences through ambitious storytelling has never been more crucial in creating and sustaining a vibrant theatre landscape that reflects and challenges the world today.

Our Vision

We believe that theatre is central to democracy so seek to produce essential and exciting, new work by fresh voices that speak truth to power in our city, country and around the world.

Our Mission

To be an award winning, new work theatre company that produces and presents brand new work from, and for, Scotland and cross the world – in communities, on the road and online.

To produce and present work that challenges expectation, form and convention to create bold theatre with the power to change lives.

For our storytelling platforms and theatre spaces to be exciting and democratic areas where audiences and artists meet as equals to explore the world around them, experience the lives of others, discuss and debate what our future could – or should – look like, and lose themselves in the most engaging entertainment around

Our Values


Traverse Vision, Mission and Values