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About us


We are Right There, a charity working to prevent people becoming homeless and separated from their loved ones.  We are here for people of all ages who are living with the effects of poverty, addiction, or broken relationships.

Walking alongside people, we provide tailored support at the right time for people, at home, and in the community. Our approach is about creating trusting relationships and nurturing people’s strengths, and our more than 180 dedicated staff and volunteers play a crucial role in this.

Our areas of focus are:

For People: Providing counselling, mentoring, and family relationship support to those at risk of social inequality.

At Home:  From emergency accommodation to housing support – we provide safe and supportive places to call home.

In the Community: We equip people to live independently, and build stronger community connections.

Our journey as a charity goes back to 1824 when we were formed, later becoming part of the YMCA movement in Glasgow. Now, almost 200 years later, we recently launched a new chapter as Right There – and we believe now is more important than ever that we can be right there, helping people find their way home.

Useful links to find out more about our work:

– Visit rightthere.org or find us on social media  by searching ‘Right There’.

– Download a copy of our ‘Growing Together’ strategy here.

– Our Theory of Change reflects the feedback from the people we support on what changes for them during their time with Right There. View our Theory of Change here.

Our Vision
A world where everyone has an equal chance to create a safe and supportive place to call home.

Our Mission
We meet people where they are in life with no judgement; walking alongside those who need support and preventing them becoming homeless or separated from the people they love.

Our Values
At the heart of Right There is our values. And we are proud to live these every day to be the best we can be for those involved in our work.

We treat everyone the same way – with dignity and respect. You’ll find no judgement here.

We take great pride in having high standards and transparency about our goals and progress as a charity.


We understand the importance of empathy, and the power of a shoulder to lean on.

We believe firmly in the goodness in people; their strengths and what makes them unique.

We are always learning to be the best we can be.