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Chair & Trustees

The Roles

We have an exciting opportunity to make a difference.

The Trust is seeking to appoint a new Board of Trustees to administer the Trust. This role will be divided into three key categories:

1️.  Ongoing communication with PDTC at Ninewells

2️. Liaison with Directors of Subsidiary Companies

3️. Management of Charitable Trust

Our ideal Chair will have experience in leading a diverse group of individuals and ensuring that the governance of the Charity complies with Scottish Charity legislation therefore knowledge of the charity sector is advantageous.

The Chair should foster open discussions within the Board, valuing input from all members in order to make well-informed decisions.

The Trustee Board will maintain its accounting records for the Annual Accounts, which will be audited by both the Accountant of Court and external auditors. The Board will also prepare the Annual Return for OSCR. Therefore, financial knowledge within the Board is desirable for basic accounting tasks.

As the Subsidiary ventures into land/property management, having someone familiar with this area would be a valuable addition to the Trustee Board.

Additionally, the Trustees may initiate local projects benefiting the people of Dunfermline and surrounding areas so local knowledge is advantageous.

Assessing funding applications for individuals and organisations will be an important part of the Trustee Board’s work. Each member must genuinely care about the welfare of individuals and organisations in Dunfermline and the surrounding area and be inspired to make an impact.

The Trustee Board will consist of a Chair and up to three Trustees. Meetings will likely occur four times a year unless special projects require more frequent discussions. Remote attendance is possible, allowing individuals from outside the area to apply.