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About us

Our vision:

Is that social enterprises are, and have proven to be, crucial to forging an agile Scotland and are a valued and vibrant part of the Scottish economy, making a significant contribution to a sustainable and vibrant economy by increasing wellbeing, diversity and reducing inequality in Scotland.

Our mission:

Is to amplify the voices of social enterprises in Scotland. We want to be the organisation that supports and represents social enterprises, and where public, private and third sector organisations come to engage with social enterprises, to hear their views and create opportunities for partnership and investment.

Our Values:

We are: collaborative; inclusive; good listeners; trustworthy; democratic; diverse; entrepreneurial; bold and led by the social enterprise movement.

Strategic Priorities:

  1. To represent the growing social enterprise movement and articulate its needs;
  2. To make the case for supporting social enterprise to investors in both the public and private sectors;
  3. To influence policy and create a supportive environment for social enterprise;
  4. To develop new markets (both consumer and B2B) where social enterprises can create and sustain a competitive advantage;
  5. To support and enhance the successful delivery of individual social enterprises through;
    • Creating and supporting open connections;
    • Facilitating investment opportunities;
    • Sharing best practice;
    • Signposting social enterprises to the most effective support for their business needs;
  1. To create an evidence-base to demonstrate the value of social enterprise;
  2. To position social enterprise as the business model of choice for those seeking to reduce inequality and create a fairer Scotland.