Director - The Scottish Tartans Authority

About The Scottish Tartans Authority

Scotland has a strong identity as a country and tartan is universally regarded as one of the world’s greatest national brands, linking country and fabric with identity and belonging. According to Visit Scotland “this patterned woven cloth has become one of the most iconic symbols of Scottish culture”.

Tartan is recognised worldwide as an iconic image of Scotland which brings benefits to Tourism, the Food & Drink, Family History and Creative Industries and beyond by providing an easily identifiable geographic indicator relating to increased interest in provenance, adding value to the Scottish economy.

The Scottish Tartans Authority (STA) is a registered charity which has been in existence for 19 years. Its role is to protect, preserve, promote, conserve and explain the culture and traditions of Scottish Tartans and Highland Dress. Furthermore, the STA seeks to advance and promote the education of the public about Scottish Tartans and Highland Dress and their respective origins, manufacture, use, history and development. With a broad range of private and business members, the STA provides a unique and independent link to the global Scottish Diaspora with associated commercial benefits for Scotland’s economy. The STA has an unrivalled knowledge of Scottish Tartans and their cultural and historic importance and one of its core objectives is to establish a National Tartan Centre which would recognise the historical importance of tartan and its status as a cultural icon, as well as highlighting the importance of tartan to the Scotland of today.

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