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Head of Finance & Head of HR Recruitment

About with YOU

With a mission to provide positive, life-changing support across Edinburgh and the Lothians, with YOU is an organisation that seeks to provide care and overcome barriers for a range of people in need of support. From its early roots in the 1980s, with YOU has grown to provide housing support and mixed community care; reshaping care delivery with the development of the ‘Being Me’ service and beyond. With YOU’s unique position is committed to providing a range of services which reflect the involvement they have across multiple areas of social care. This includes supporting people with autism, those experiencing homelessness, learning disabilities, mental health and supporting the older generation to live independently.

With over 40 years of experience, with YOU work with over 400 people in Edinburgh and the Lothians.


Our Values

All our work is underpinned by our POSITIVE values:

proactive, open, skilled, innovative, together, integrity, versatile, exceptional

  • Proactive attitudes, taking action, removing barriers, and resolving issues
  • Openness, and transparency supporting individuals with the outcomes they’ve determined
  • Skilled practice and developed through continuous professional development, experience, knowledge, training, and qualifications
  • Innovative thinking developing and improving all areas of support we provide
  • Together through collaboration with people we support
  • Integrity, being principled, respectful, honest, and delivering on commitments
  • Versatility, ensuring support we provide can meet the needs of anyone we support
  • Exceptional support, transforming lives


What We Do

We are committed to continuing the work and success that we have had, providing a range of services that reflect the needs of people needing care and support.


Our approach is at the heart of service delivery and design reflecting the involvement we have across multiple areas of social care; along with our desire and will to adapt and innovate services.


  • Autism – working with people with autism to ensure that the support meets their own individual needs through supported accommodation
  • Homelessness – working with people to move through and on from their experience of homelessness
  • Learning Disability – working together to support individuals lives as actively and independently as possible
  • Mental Health – working with people with a range of mental health, emotional and complex needs to live independently and be engaged in their community
  • Older People – working together with older people with a range of needs to live independently and be engaged in their community
  • Young People – working with young people aged 16 to 25, who are care experienced, have a mental health diagnosis or are at risk of homelessness across Edinburgh and Midlothian


More information on with YOU, along with support and staff stories can be found at www.withyou.support