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Lay Member of Council Recruitment

Cardiff University Council


Council is the governing body and, as such, the supreme authority of the University. It has the ultimate power of decision in all matters affecting the University. The Council at Cardiff is a strong, diverse body, bringing rich experience and exceptional commitment to the governance of the University. Members of Council are engaged with the University’s staff and students, and work with the Vice-Chancellor and University Executive to drive forward our aims and aspirations.

Council comprises a majority of independent (‘lay’) members plus members of the University Executive, Senate, staff and students. Council members are the trustees of the University which is a registered charity. Members of Council have a responsibility to conduct their duties in accordance with applicable laws and Codes of Practice.

The Chair of Council is Patrick Younge. Patrick is one of the UK’s leading media figures with an international career in the world of television and media. He was appointed as Chair of Council in January 2022.

The Council is supported in its work by a number of other committees including Audit and Risk Committee, Finance and Resources Committee, Governance Committee, and Remuneration Committee.

The Audit and Risk Committee’s role is to advise and assist Council in respect of the entire assurance and control environment. Audit and Risk Committee includes both lay members of Council and independent lay members who are not members of Council.

The University Executive Board (UEB) is the senior management team of the University. It is responsible for developing and implementing strategy, operational plans, policies and procedures, setting budgets, and monitoring operating and financial performance. UEB is a broad and collegiate leadership team, and works closely with Council through the Vice-Chancellor to deliver the University’s strategy and performance.

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