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Medical & Scientific Director

The Role

Medical and Scientific Director

The Medical and Scientific Director (M&SD) is central to the effective delivery of a safe and sustainable blood supply to the patients of Ireland.  This is a demanding executive leadership post, requiring exceptional clinical and technical knowledge as well as proven leadership, management and communication skills.  The M&SD leads the medical and scientific staff to deliver the IBTS mission and vision and has line responsibility for all consultant medical staff and senior scientific staff. They will be expected to be a strong, resilient, independent and trusted leader for the IBTS and will be responsible for designing, leading and delivering an innovative program of clinical improvements, research and transformation.

The Medical & Scientific Director, accountable to the Chief Executive, shares responsibility for the quality of services provided by IBTS and for both strategic direction and the financial well-being of the organisation.  This will include a central role in driving forward a culture of change, innovation and service transformation. The role is also fundamental to advising, leading and working at a national and international level with key stakeholders and professional and academic networks and committees.

The world of transfusion medicine requires the implementation of best practice research and development and innovative programmes in areas such as infectious diseases, component development, transplantation immunology, unrelated bone marrow register, immunohaematology, clinical transfusion practice, haemovigilance, cellular therapies and bioengineering.

The M&SD will need to have a significant academic profile and have strong leadership qualities in medical and scientific research and teaching.

The successful candidate will have at least ten years experience (post full registration entitlement) in the practice of the medical profession, including not less than eight years experience in haematology (with some blood transfusion medicine) or in blood transfusion medicine. Significant practical management and leadership experience will be required alongside significant input into strategy and policy making.


Job Description