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Non-Executive Board Member

Job Description

The Port of Cromarty Firth is seeking to appoint a non-executive Member to its Board.

The initial appointment will be for a period of three years commencing in January 2024. Each Board Member will be expected to commit up to 1 day per month. The position is remunerated.

The Port is a Trust Port which exists to improve, safeguard and develop the Cromarty Firth as a strategic national asset for the benefit of its stakeholders. This includes port users, employees, the local community, regional businesses and local and national government. It is a self-financing commercial business with 100% of profits being reinvested in the development of the Port.

The Port is currently undergoing a period of significant change as it gears itself up to support the boom in offshore wind developments; further growth in Cruise Shipping; and a managed transition of the offshore oil and gas sector. The new Board Member will have an opportunity to make an important contribution to this strategic direction and fulfilling the Port’s full potential.

To meet the Port’s future challenges, applicants are sought with professional or personal experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Commercial Finance
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Business Development

Board Members are appointed as individuals for their skills, expertise and knowledge and are not representative of any organisation or business.

As a Trust Port, we exist to improve, safeguard and develop the Cromarty Firth as a strategic national asset for the benefit of our stakeholders.  This includes port users, employees, the local community, regional businesses, government and, ultimately, future generations. Whilst we are a self-financing commercial business, 100% of profits are reinvested in the development of the Port to create jobs, business opportunities and economic growth for the Highland region.

The Port is committed to equality of opportunity, encouraging a diverse range of applicants, and to the principle of appointments on the basis of merit with openness and transparency of process in accordance with the Modern Trust Ports for Scotland: Guidance for Good Governance.

The closing date for applications is Friday 22nd September 2023.

About the Appointment

The appointment is part-time, typically one day per month, with the added flexibility of attending when required, exclusive of time required for participating in an induction training programme.  The dates of Board meetings are normally set one year in advance.  Board members are remunerated for attendance at Board meetings.  At present this is £7,934.27 (2023) per annum paid monthly in arrears, reviewed annually on 1st January. Board members are also appointed to at least one of the two standing sub-committees.

About the Appointing Process

The Board consists of eight members, comprising seven non-executive members and one executive member. Non-executive members are appointed for a period of three years and may be eligible for reappointment for a further term subject to performance. Board members may not be a member of any other Harbour Authority.

The Board makes all appointments after a process of interviewing and selection carried out by a selection panel. As well as those who respond to the present advertisement the appointing panel may also consider names from other sources.

In making appointments to the Board the main purpose is to ensure that the Board continues to reflect a complimentary range of qualities, skills and competencies, which will allow it to deliver its objectives positively and efficiently. It is therefore important that candidates demonstrate clearly, with examples, any specific knowledge, experience or abilities they consider would be of value to the Board. The skills and qualities being sought by the Board are listed below.

Board members are required to disclose any relevant financial and other interests; are expected to act faithfully and impartially in the best interests of the Board and will also be required to sign a declaration to that effect.

The appointment process follows the good practice standards set out in the Modern Trust Ports for Scotland a Guidance for Good Governance.

Skills and Qualities Sought in Potential Board Members

The objective of the selection process is to ensure that the Board continues to have an appropriate balance of skills, competencies and experience to provide it with leadership and effective strategic direction. The Board should have:-

  • Specialist knowledge of subjects which are relevant to the port (e.g. financial, legal or operational);
  • Interest in the organisation of the port without becoming too identified with it;
  • Knowledge of relationships between the port and Central Government departments and the Scottish Government;
  • An understanding of the legal and statutory framework within which the port operates and the duties and obligations this places on the Board.

In order to achieve an appropriate balance of expertise on the Board the appointing panel will require candidates to provide evidence of their professional and personal experience in one or more of the following areas:-

  • Commercial Finance
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Business Development

Candidates will also need to demonstrate the following personal qualities:-

  • An ability to formulate and discuss strategic subjects in a boardroom environment in a coherent and structured way;
  • The ability to contribute effectively and impartially to group discussions involving a wide range of subject matter and people, including specialists and professionals, and
  • A depth of management or specialist expertise without personal bias towards any particular sector of activity.

The Board is committed to incorporating the standards and objectives of the Guide to Good Governance for Trust Ports, which require the annual performance of Board members to be assessed. Details of the publication ‘Modern Trust Ports for Scotland – Guidance for Good Governance’ 2012 edition can be viewed on the Transport Scotland website:


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