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Professor of Veterinary Education

Professor of Veterinary Education

£70,000 – £85,000  – SRUC Professor salary scale



Veterinary Education (as for Medicine) is a specialist and fast-moving discipline. Clinical programmes are long (5 years), complex (range of inter-related subject areas and requirement for spiral integration) and subject to continuous scrutiny regarding delivery, progression, and outcomes by accrediting bodies (RCVS, EAVE, AVMA etc). This post is key to achieving a timely and high quality product.


Strategic direction for this School of Veterinary Medicine is both novel and disruptive.


  1. The inclusion of two ‘Gateway’ HND Programmes to widen access/participation via our tertiary educational model is a unique challenge in this arena. These programmes, although administered separately to the Veterinary Programme (BVSc), require oversight and leadership to ensure graduates achieve the quantifiable academic standards essential to progress to the BVSc.
  2. The School will co-train Vets, Vet Nurses and other accredited paraprofessionals to lead in the development of Veterinary Teams. Again, this requires strong pedagogical approaches to embrace, build and deliver a novel and important element of this unique School.
  3. We will employ small group teaching and elements of blended learning for practical delivery. These approaches are important to us to support our students who may lack the high entry tariffs traditionally associated with veterinary applicants.
  4. We will deliver clinical training using a distributed model. Recruitment of partner practices and specialist enterprises across Scotland is complex and will require a further dedicated appointment to coordinate and manage. For the current post, the challenge is ensuring QA of experience and assessment across the clinical rotations and the development of educational programmes to train practice staff.


Main areas of activity for this role will be:


  • Pedagogical Leadership of the BVSc, BSc VN, and associated Gateway programmes.
  • Programme Leadership of the BVSc (or line management of the Programme Leader).
  • Maintenance of QA data relevant to the School and Accrediting bodies.
  • Active participation in RCVS engagements.
  • Participation in the Vet School Senior Management Team.



Job Description - Veterinary Education