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RSPB Scotland

RSPB Scotland is part of the RSPB, the UK based Charity that promotes the conservation of birds, and other wildlife and the natural environment.

The RSPB has operated in Scotland since at least 1904, and has a large presence in terms of the nature reserves it manages (over 80 in total from Shetland to Galloway), and with staff based across the Country. RSPB Scotland is one of the largest land managers in Scotland, with responsibility for some 75,000Ha of nature reserves – the majority owned.

Much of Scotland is of outstanding wildlife importance. Scotland holds two thirds of the UK’s most important sites for birds. Our seabirds, wading birds, wildfowl and birds of prey are significant not just in a European context, but also on a global scale. RSPB Scotland is active across the country working with local people, protecting and enhancing wildlife and habitats and welcoming visitors. Priority habitats include Caledonian pinewoods, upland peatlands, coasts and estuaries. Important species include capercaillie, black grouse, corncrakes, chough, red kites and white-tailed eagles. We also work on a range of other wildlife species, protecting rare bumblebees, moths, butterflies and wild flowers. Co-operative work is undertaken with Scottish Natural Heritage and in partnership with other environmental and conservation NGO’s often through the auspices of Environment Link. RSPB Scotland works closely with the Scottish Government and advocates ideas to Parliament on policy, site protection, species protection and wider countryside and coastal management issues, as well as for environmental education. We campaign to raise awareness of the threats to wildlife and sites, and if necessary challenge decisions that cause harm to special wildlife sites.

RSPB Scotland has a Headquarters in Edinburgh where the Director and specialist staff work on agriculture, forestry, marine and wetland conservation, planning matters, science and research, land agency, education, youth and volunteers work, species protection, media and advocacy, public affairs and marketing. There are three regional offices located in Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow each has a regional director supported by a team with day-to-day responsibility for conservation work and liaison with local Government, farmers and other interests. Including the network of conservation officers and reserve-based staff, RSPB Scotland has some 300 established and long term contract employees plus many seasonal posts forming a network across the country of people working to protect birds and nature and encouraging people to enjoy our nature reserves and give nature a home where they live.

The Director and his staff benefit from the advice of the Committee for Scotland whose Chair sits “ex-officio” on the RSPB’s UK Council of Trustees. The Committee for Scotland meets quarterly and comprises 13 members appointed by Council to advise the Charity on its work and conduct in Scotland. We are registered with OSCR as an England and Wales Charity with a substantial presence in Scotland.

RSPB Scotland is part of the RSPB, the UK wide charity that speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment. The RSPB is supported by more than a million members across the UK, and relies on charitable giving to fund its work. We are keen to build support with more people and communities and the corporate as well as commercial sector.

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