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POSTED Wednesday 26-05-21

Education & Skills Sector Focus

I, Donogh O’Brien am delighted to lead up this month’s sector focus on the Education and Skills Sector.
I have led the delivery of nearly 30 Principal and CEOs to Further Education colleges in Scotland and England, as well as the delivery of dozens of academic and professional leadership appointments to 10 Universities in all UK territories.
Aspen has also delivered the CEO’s and senior-level executive directors to the likes of SDS, SQA, SFC, ABE and put in place leaders to many local authorities and schools who direct the education agenda at school level.
In Scotland, there is a focus to promote life-long learning and as such, there are some institutions where an individual can enter from school level and progress in the same institution, to achieve a degree and postgraduate qualifications.
The Education and Skills agenda is a key focus for the Scottish government and perhaps not surprisingly many leaders who decide to locate their families in Scotland do so to take advantage of the world-class education on offer.
This month we will share blogs, vlogs and testimonials all from the education and skills sector – rounding up with a panel of experts from the field!