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POSTED Wednesday 17-01-24

ILF Scotland Assessors

ILF Scotland distributes annual funding of around £55,000,000 to support recipients to lead independent lives. The organisation has a staff team of around 68, who provide funding support to over 8,000 current fund recipients split between the 2015 Fund and Transition Fund. As a values-based organisation, ILF Scotland takes a values-led approach to all the work they do where people and relationship building are a key focus.

Late last year Aspen People placed 8 Assessors with ILF Scotland; these key roles are an exciting and rewarding opportunity to work in partnership with ILF Scotland recipients and their families, social work services and voluntary sector partners to resolve complex situations surrounding support arrangements and financial matters relating to the ILF Scotland award. Now in their new roles, we have heard back from some of our candidates:

“It was helpful to have a point of contact to provide information on the job, process, and interview. I had just the right amount of contact and knew I could also contact the team if required. I have not had experience of working with a recruitment agency before and it was a positive one. The team were helpful in arranging an alternative interview date and kept me up to date at all parts of the process.”


“My recent experience with Aspen was really positive. From the first phone call I made to enquire about the job, staff were engaged and enthusiastic. I felt like they wanted me to do my best. The contact was at a good level in that it wasn’t intrusive but was really helpful. The message after interview and congratulations card were really nice touches. The process was made easier by their input.”


“I am keen to share my appreciation of my experience with Aspen People during each of the key phases; of preparing my application, preparing for interview and finally the offer of employment. At each stage you have all promoted excellent service with real positivity backed with a commitment to prompt communication. I have been very impressed with this level of service which is incomparable with my career experiences in a local authority setting. I have been very grateful to the Aspen team for creating an enjoyable experience.”


“I have felt supported and informed throughout the process. Kate has been particularly helpful to me in ensuring my CV reflected accurately my skills and experience.  Danielle was supportive in calling me in the lead up to my interview and helped in alleviating any pre interview nerves.  Katy has also been very helpful with all documentation and associated process. Post interview it was lovely for Danielle to offer time to call and decompress from the interview. The messages from Kate were supportive and positive. Overall, the collaboration by the team has made my application and successful job offer feel like a seamless and smooth transition.  I also appreciated the congratulations card received today.  That was a very special touch. Thank you for all your help and support.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Aspen to any of my other social work colleagues that may be looking for a change of direction.”


“For me not having very much experience with applying for new positions, I was apprehensive, but I need not have been, as the staff were extremely informative and supportive throughout my recruitment journey.  This undoubtedly assisted me greatly with securing my new role, as assessor with ILF.”

It’s great to hear back from our candidates and get such amazing feedback on Kate Kennedy, Danielle Cairney and Katy Gall as well as the wider Aspen People team as a whole, we hope that they are all settling in well in their new roles. ILF Scotland is a great company that does life changing work for so many people and it has been a privilege to be a part of this.