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POSTED Wednesday 21-02-24

Trustee Talks – Coming Soon!

written by Debbie Shields.

I’ve always said that I’m blown away by the amazing mix of organisations that we get to work with here at Aspen. It’s so important to me personally that the work I do has an impact on a wider scale and that society benefits from the time, effort and work that I put into my working life and for me that is about the bigger societal picture overall.

An area that’s close to my heart is being on a board as a Trustee or a Chair, I’ve done that for many years now and it’s a big part of the work I do at Aspen that I really enjoy. Opening up these kinds of opportunities to people who maybe never thought they had the skills to join a board as well as to people who are seasoned board Trustees or Chairs and people that have made a huge contribution to the sector, is equally important in my view and it’s really exciting for me to think that I’m able to work across the spectrum and really help charities shape themselves for the future.

A strong board is a great place to start for any organisation and I believe in a third sector that gives charities and organisations access to the types of people they maybe wouldn’t normally have access to and sets ofskills that may not always be open to them.

So what we wanted to do this year is showcase some of the amazing talent and diverse backgrounds, skills and different types of people that are on boards, the contribution that they make to the organisation and also to society in general, as well as what they get back from it.

I find these stories hugely inspirational, and I’ve made it my personal mission to encourage people to think about board roles and board opportunities, to get involved in organisations and causes that are important to them or somewhere they feel they can contribute to the betterment of society as a whole

I thought it would be useful to hand it over to the Trustees themselves! We invited people from all stages in their Trustee careers to find out why they wanted to become a Trustee, what it’s actually like for them and what they get out of it.

I hope you enjoy this Trustee Talks series as much as we enjoyed filming it. There are some really interesting stories and some really inspiring people – I hope it encourages you to think about taking up a Trustee role or at least finding out more about it and putting yourself out there.

If you are keen to find out more or want to have an initial discussion please reach out to me on or 07838 99959 to chat about Trustee or Chair roles.